Dick Myers Bio

Since 1985, Richard H. Myers, II, President of Foundation Information Systems, Incorporated (FIS), has consulted with private and community foundations as well as vendors of non-profit foundation software products. His work includes design and deployment of foundation software products, design of technology infrastructure and managing technology projects. Myers' consulting work has assisted foundations with their development and execution of effective strategic plans for cost effective technology implementation policies.

Starting in his mid-twenties, Myers has served in multiple volunteer capacities in non-profits from licking stamps to fund raising and has served as President and Board Chair.

Myers' career in the Information Technology field spans more than 35 years.  His areas of expertise include database management, technology infrastructure, technology project management, financial and trust accounting and grants management.  The scope of his work is extensive, from planning and developing strategies to implementing organizational-wide and industry-wide systems.  He has authored or co-authored three software solutions: pension participant accounting for SEIC called ERISA-AID, relational data base user interface for HP's IMAGE database called IMAGE 1000 and community foundation's software suite called GRATIS.

Volunteer foundation activity

His other foundation industry activities include founding and consulting to the MicroEdge FIMS User Group Executive Committee from 2000-2007, the Fusion Labs Special Interest Group since 2007 and the Blackbaud/Fusion Labs User Forums in 2010. He was also a founding member of Community Foundation Information Technology group and a co-designer of the AST Trust seamless investment technology project of the Technology Steering Committee of Community Foundations of America (CFA). He contributed to the work of the Technology Affinity Group (TAG) of the Council of Foundations and the Technology Committee and community foundation's Fiscal and Administrative Officers Group (FAOG). Myers has been a regular speaker on technology topics at the past Council of Foundation Fall Conference for Community Foundations and other industry conferences.  In 2013 and 2014, Myers has been presented at the MicroEdge MESC conferences.

FIS has supported and participated the technology efforts of Fiscal and Administrative Offices Group of community foundations since 2008.

FIS has a been vendor member of FAOG since they have adopted their non-profit status.